About “For Kathy’s Heart”

Meet Kathy

Welcome to For Kathy’s Heart. Katherine (Kathy) Malone is a semi-retired social worker who lives in Grain Valley, MO. I am Jennifer (Jenni) Liles and she’s one of my two best friends. Kathy is racing for her life against heart failure. We’re working to raise $20K for her so that she can be placed on the transplant list. Please help.

Why She Needs Help

Kathy has outlived her “expiration date” by over a decade through following doctor’s orders and taking care of herself. Now she has gotten to the point that the next step is a new heart. Even with insurance, she must raise $20K for anti-rejection drugs before she will be considered for the transplant. Then we wait for an available heart. I am a compatible donor. If something happens to me, my heart belongs to Kathy.

for kathy's heart

Why We Love Her

Kathy is loved by her family and friends and has made a huge difference in the world. She makes amazing quilts. She provides warmth, compassion, and specialized knowledge of the needs of Black folk and senior citizens to therapy clients. Kathy is a fantastic older sister to her brothers, and aunt to her nephew. Her presence lights every room she’s in.

What We’re Doing For Her

Kathy doesn’t like to beg (that’s my job!) so while she has set up a GoFundMe page, she hasn’t promoted it. Instead, despite multiple emergency room visits and tests and doctors appointments a month, she is organizing all of us friends to create quilts and other handmade objects to sell on EBay and Facebook marketplace and to auction and raffle off. Over the course of the next year or so, subscribe to the newsletter so you will be notified every time I update the newsletter to tell you about new events we are hosting or new auctions or sales available.

How You Can Help

On the right-hand side of the page, you will find a list of all of Kathy’s social media set up for this fundraiser. I (Jenni) maintain the website and the Twitter account @ForKathysHeart1. Kathy has been maintaining the Facebook group and the GoFundMe page.

You will find updates on fundraising here, personal notes from Kathy and notes from Jenni keeping folks updated when Kathy can’t post for herself. There will also be essays (with Kathy’s permission) about her medical condition and how it affects people, and discussions about invisible illness.

Thank you for visiting For Kathy’s Heart. Please make a one-time or recurring donation (through Paypal) so that we can keep Kathy with us.

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